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Christ - Our Pascha,
23rd of November 2017

The Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church has been published. It was printed in English in Canada, and now available through The Society of St John Chrysostom in London for £ 14.
Quoting from the forwarding Letter by His Beatitude Sviatoslav -

The particularity of the Greek Catholic theological tradition, which is Eastern Christian in origin, defines the need for a separate catechism. Pope John Paul II, Pope of Rome, drew attention to this theological particularity:
"In the study of revelation, East and West have followed different methods...these various theological formulations are often to be considered mutually complimentary rather than conflicting.”

His Beatitude Lubomyr expressed this same thought:
“Christ’s teaching is one and the same for everyone. Faith in Christ is also the same for all Catholics, regardless of which Rite or Particular Church they belong to. However, the theological understanding of divinely revealed Truths can be different in various cultures, just as liturgical Rites are different.”

In the Cathechism Christ – Our Pascha we are called to embody in our daily lives the one inheritance of the faith, as transmitted in the light of our theological tradition – to deepen, nurture, and transmit it to future generations...

With this in mind, and given the very real need to teach the orthodox catholic faith to Christians here in England – I will attempt to present in this website a selection of key theological subjects on a monthly basis, in the new page CATECHESIS, starting with the Apostolic Tradition.

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